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May book haul

I thought I was doing reasonably well with only buying four books this month, but then I had a bit of an end of the month splurge. It was for a good reason though so I guess it’s not too naughty of me.


Kicking off this month’s haul is A Court of Wings and Ruin by Sarah J Maas. I hadn’t finished reading ACOMAF when I ordered it so I was a bit confused over the tattoo placement on the cover, but it soon made sense once I had caught up with the ending of the second book in the series. I got started with reading the conclusion a few days after its release so you’ll be seeing my thoughts in my wrap up soon.


I happened to be browsing Amazon for price reductions on my wishlist and was pleased that a number of them were available as part of their 3 paperbacks for £10 offer. The first book I opted for was The One Memory of Flora Banks by Emily Barr, which happened to be my first read of the year thanks to receiving it via NetGalley (you can read my review here). I wasn’t originally too fussed about purchasing the book for myself but the author has been announced as a guest at YALC so I figured I might as well get it signed.


I was incredibly happy to see that Crooked Kingdom by Leigh Bardugo was included in the offer, as it meant that I could finally pick up Six of Crows which had been sitting in my TBR pile since last June. I’m assuming I don’t need to tell you what the duology is about as seemingly I’m the last person on the planet to have read them. You’ll be seeing this in my May wrap up as well.


The third paperback that I bought was Shtum by Jem Lester, a book about an autistic boy and his father and grandfather. Regulars to my blog will know that I’m fond of books that have a mental health element so I’m looking forward to eventually getting round to reading this.

And here’s where my last day of the month arrivals kick in. I thought now would be a good time to get started on my preparation for YALC, and so five of the following six books will be travelling to London with me to get signed at the convention.


The State of Grace by Rachael Lucas is about a fifteen year old autistic girl whose family life is starting to fall apart just as her love life starts to get interesting. I’d been looking forward to this coming out and so was happy to have a reason to purchase it. I’ve already read it (look out for my June wrap up) but I’m sad to say that I was disappointed with it.


Next is the book that I’m currently reading – I Have No Secrets by Penny Joelson. When I saw that it centers around a murderer who ‘confesses’ to a fourteen year old girl with severe cerebral palsy knowing that she was unable to tell anyone about it I was instantly interested. I’m happy to report that so far I’m enjoying it quite a lot.


The synopsis of Paper Butterflies by Lisa Heathfield is a little bit vague, as essentially all it says that a girl with a troubled home life meets a boy in the woods. The reviews all say that it’s a hard-hitting dark read so it might not be for everyone, but I do like the occasional book that hurts.


Margot & Me by Juno Dawson sounds as if it’s another emotional read, this time about a girl who goes to stay with her grandmother (who she doesn’t particularly like) for six months and whilst there discovers her diary from the 1940s. I haven’t read any of the author’s other works but this is apparently her best one to date so it looks like I’ve picked a good one to start with.


Ok, so I bought the e-book of Nothing Tastes as Good by Claire Hennessy only a couple of months ago (and of course haven’t yet read it), but I decided to get a physical copy so that I can get it signed. I’ll definitely be reading it this month though, I promise.


The last paperback of this haul (and one not going to YALC) is The Trouble with Goats and Sheep by Joanna Cannon. I remember seeing this on NetGalley a while ago but didn’t request it. Inevitably it was then promoted/praised just about everywhere, leaving me feeling a little miffed at myself, but it’s finally mine at last. It’s about two ten year old girls who set out to try and solve a neighbourhood mystery in the 1970s. Whilst it’s technically an adult book, it’s told from the perspective of one of the girls so still kinda fits in with my preference of childrens/YA novels.


I also acquired a few e-arcs thanks to NetGalley this month, the first being None of the Above by I. W. Gregorio. It centers on a teenage girl who discovers that she was born intersex, which is an area of LGBTQ+ themed novels that I haven’t explored yet. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to read it ahead of its release but I should hopefully get round to it soon.


Next up is another book with a white cover – The Scandal (or Beartown depending where you live) by Fredrik Backman. I read the author’s debut novel A Man Called Ove and I’ve got another of his works in my TBR pile so I’m hoping I’ll enjoy this too. From what I understand it has a slightly different feel to his previous books so we’ll see how it turns out.

13 reasons

The final book of this haul is Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher. I’ll be honest here – I only requested this because of everything surrounding the Netflix series. The premise does interest me a little (in case you’re not aware it’s about a girl who commits suicide and leaves explanatory voice tapes for one of her classmates) but I wouldn’t really have considered it if it wasn’t for all the controversy. It’s not particularly high on my TBR pile so by the time I get round to it I’m sure everyone will have moved on to discussing something else.


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