Book hauls

January book haul

In continuation with the theme of not sticking to the goals I set for myself this year, I was a bit naughty and acquired four books in January. To be fair though two of them were ARCs so at least I didn’t go completely rogue.


First off is Note Worthy by Riley Redgate. I have to admit that I knew very little about this book before I requested it on NetGalley. I’d seen April talk about it on BookTube and it piqued my interest due to the a cappella theme, which only heightened when I noticed that it’s set at a boarding school called Kensington-Blaine – what Gleek could possibly turn down a book with something like that? It’s due for release in the UK in May so I’ll probably read it nearer to then.


Next is See You in the Cosmos by Jack Cheng, a book which I’ve actually managed to haul twice. I received an email from NetGalley with its description as a book about a young boy who loves space and his dog named Carl Sagan, so it was a bit of a no-brainer when it was available for immediate download. I’d had a quick look on Goodreads and they happened to have a giveaway for it as well so I thought I’d give it a go, and lo and behold I won. So yes, I now have both an electronic and physical copy of the ARC. It’s released in March so I’ll be reading it sometime this month.


I went to a Doctor Who event last weekend and one of the merchant stands had a selection of brand new books for sale. Buying more DW books is especially naughty of me as I already own several that I’ve yet to read, but I couldn’t resist buying The Time Lord Letters by Justin Richards given that it was half the RRP. It’s pretty much exactly what the title suggests, with letters and memos written by various incarnations of the Doctor throughout his travels.


I also picked up The Dangerous Book of Monsters which I didn’t have on my DW wishlist but it was also fairly cheap and it’s sort of the follow-up to another book in my collection so I went for it. It’s essentially notes on the wide range of ‘monsters’ that the Doctor has encountered and should be a quick read.


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