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2016: In which I read all the books

I was in a bit of a reading slump throughout 2015 so to say I finally came out of it this year is an understatement. 287% completion of my Goodreads goal sums it up pretty well but here’s a closer look at my 2016 reading.

Goodreads has worked its technical magic and produced an ever so useful infographic for my year in books, full of statistics such as the total number of pages I read (16,215) and my average rating (3.3). Of course due to the inability to log a re-read of a book everything is slightly out but it gives a fairly good overview of what I read this year. I thought however that it would be nice to pick out five highlights and say a few words about them (for ease I’m listing them in order of the date I read them).

  • Everything, Everything by Nicola Yoon – I loved the doodles in this book and found the take on the trope of forbidden love really interesting
  • Illuminae & Gemina by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff – I’m so glad that this series was one of my first Booktube finds as it’s flipping brilliant
  • The Art of Being Normal by Lisa Willamson – this was an emotional book that I couldn’t put down and would love to see adapted into a film
  • One by Sarah Crossan – I was surprised by how much I would end up enjoying this book told in verse; the only book to almost make me cry this year
  • The Christmasaurus by Tom Fletcher – whilst not one of my highest rated books for this year I’m so proud of Tom for releasing his first chaptered children’s book

So yes, I’ve completely smashed by goal of reading 15 books (I’d set it low because of my dismal 2015 efforts) by reading a total of 45 books this year. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it all, even if my room is now rather untidy with books crammed wherever there’s a bit of space. The joys of being a reader, right?

Despite my somewhat sporadic posting I’m also happy that I’ve started this blog. I might only have a handful of people following me but if I can help just one person discover a new book that they go on to love then that’s enough of an accomplishment for me.

I’ll be posting my reading/blogging goals for 2017 on January 1st but for now I wish you all a happy new year.


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