Book hauls

Book haul: Another June haul

I shouldn’t be let loose in a shopping centre which has two book stores. I could have easily come away with more but I had to show some restraint otherwise I never would have managed to carry them all.


The first book I picked up was One by Sarah Crossan. I bought it for the following three reasons:

  1. A story about conjoined twins sounds like a really interesting idea.
  2. It recently won the YA Prize.
  3. The author will be attending YALC 2016.

Three great reasons I’m sure you’ll agree.

six of crows

Next up was Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo. I’ve seen so many people rave about this book and so I was ecstatic to see that it was included in WHSmith’s buy one get one half price offer (I bought it along with One). I haven’t read of any the author’s previous books but I know that this one is set in the same universe as her Grisha trilogy. From what I hear it shouldn’t really affect my enjoyment/understanding so fingers crossed.

you know me well

The first of the five books that I ended up buying from Waterstones (which again had a buy one get one half price offer) was You Know Me Well by Nina LaCour and David Levithan, the latter being one of my favourite authors. This is actually therefore the only book from this haul that would have been on my wishlist before I got sucked into the online book community. Both authors will be at YALC so I’m hoping to get my copy signed there. This book is at the top of my TBR pile as it’s quite short so I should get through it really quickly.


The next book I spotted was Uprooted by Naomi Novik. As per usual I have to confess to this being a pretty cover purchase – to tell the truth I first fell in love with the pastel green hardback version but this paperback cover is still quite nice. I believe this is a dark folklore story featuring dangerous woods and an unpleasant wizard so I’m interested to see where it goes.

shades of magic

I then added to my makeshift basket (i.e. my arms) both A Darker Shade of Magic and A Gathering of Shadows by V E Schwab. I’ve read a lot of praise for this series and so jumped at the chance of owning them. Admittedly I had to buy them at the same time because only the second book was on offer and obviously there was no point getting it without having read the first one. I’m sure I’ll love them though as they involve magic and travelling between parallel universes. The author is also on the YALC guest list so I’ve got to get through at least one of these before the end of July.


Finally we have Passenger by Alexandra Bracken. I saw this featured around a lot a few months ago and people seemed to enjoy it so with any luck I will too. This is a time-travel adventure story which is right up my alley and whilst apparently it can take a little while to get into, hopefully I’ll find the time (probably in the summer hols) to dedicate to reading it.

* * *

Thus concludes this slightly unexpected but rather exciting book haul. Time to implement a book buying ban though until I’ve read all of them. They should last me a couple of months though as a lot of them are quite lengthy.

Leave me a comment if you’ve read any of them – I’d love to hear your opinions before I start tackling them.


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