Book hauls

Book haul: The Land of Stories 4 and W.A.R.P. 3

I’m a big of fan of Chris Colfer and so I was happy to come home yesterday to find The Land of Stories: Beyond the Kingdoms had been delivered, if also a little surprised as I wasn’t expecting it to arrive for a few more days. Aside from the series being a fun read, the books are beautifully illustrated by Brandon Dorman and the hardbacks look great on my bookshelf. I have to admit though to feeling rather frustrated that this fourth installment in the series is a smidgen smaller than the previous three.


It’s a pet peeve of mine when publishers change the artwork style or size of the books within a series. If I’m collecting a series, I like all the books to match. I just about coped with the addition of “Book 3” on the previous book but this size shrinkage irks me just a bit too much. Still, it’s the content that counts and I’m looking forward to reading it after I’ve finished re-reading A Grimm Warning whilst listening to the audiobook – it’s become a tradition of mine to do this when a new installment is released but I messed up my timing this year so I probably won’t get round to starting Beyond the Kingdoms until the end of this week.


In related book news, I received an email from Goodreads today to inform me that I’ve won a copy of W.A.R.P: The Forever Man by Eoin Colfer. Now I have to confess that I neither own or have read the previous two books in the series but they’ve been on my wishlist for quite some time. I was quite the fan of Eoin in my teenage years, preferring his Artemis Fowl series to Harry Potter, and have had the pleasure of meeting him as well as conversing with him via Twitter. This should therefore give me a bit of a kick up the butt to finally get round to reading this series.

(The fact that this post concerns two authors with the same surname is coincidental but also somewhat amusing.)


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